Who to Contact

This list is meant to serve as a “general” contact list.  Over the years we have noticed that sometimes it is not so clear who to contact depending on what you need.  We made this list to help every one of our clients better understand how to get questions, concerns, and information quickly and effectively inside our organization.


Appointments & General Inquiry:

Linda Mitchell 

Lisa & Carol are typically the first faces you see in our offices when coming in for an appointment. Reach out to either of these individuals with general questions, or if you’d like to make an appointment. They’re also a great resource if you need help figuring out who is able to help you with your questions and needs. The more information you provide these two, the quicker you are likely to get the help you need.



Paperwork in Process, Transfers, Account Status:

Laynie Hounchell

Laynie has been with our company for some time now, and as our processing specialist she helps open all accounts, transfer funds, and more.  If you have questions about any paperwork, a pending transfer, or your accounts status please let her know.  She can also get the ball rolling if you need a withdrawal, or anything changed on your accounts.  She works closely with Marc to make sure that these clients’ needs are met and can get these things prepped for Marc to move things along in a timely manner.



Client Portal, Account Logins & General Inquiry:

Melissa Illingworth

Melissa has been with our company and serving our clients’ needs for over 3 years.  Specializing in client services, she can help you with any online account access that is held with our company on our website.  Melissa can also help with general account inquiries and questions.  She can help you with address and account changes, as well as work with you for necessary withdrawals.  She works closely with both our Sarasota and Port Charlotte clients to make sure their needs are met.



http://www.navadvisors.com/files/73245/Adam%20Website%20Clipped%203.4.16.pngLife Insurance Planning:

Adam Weiner

Adam is one of Nav Advisors representatives.  He specializes in life insurance planning and related questions.




http://www.navadvisors.com/files/73245/Marc%20Oval%20Head%20CLR%202.12.16.pngIn Depth Account Questions & Review, Major Changes, Retirement & Investment Inquiry:

Marc Korsch

As many know, Marc is a very busy individual. He is always happy to schedule meetings with clients, and arrange call back for questions that others in the firm have not been able to field.  If you have a circumstance where you need to meet with Marc, explaining your needs and objectives to the individuals above will generally help the flow of your meetings, as well as making sure they are best prepared for.


Important Note:

            This contact list and the descriptions included herein are intended to help better serve our clients.  Even if you have to leave a message for the individual you would like to contact please provide detailed information about what you need, your issue, or your concern.  The more information you provide, the better and faster we will be able to assist you.  You also may be surprised that another individual in the firm may be able to get the information you need while the other is busy.  All our employees are fingerprinted and put through an extensive background check.  This is to better ensure that you can provide the information needed to best serve you to any individual you contact within our firm.


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You can reach both offices at:  (941) 306-4499

Fax:  (941) 827-9091